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Vic Rhodes

Korg - CX3

Korg - CX3

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Originally released in 1979, this is the OG analog edition of the CX3!

The 1979 Korg CX-3 has nine drawbars, a volume knob, an overdrive knob, two percussion buttons (4' and 2 2/3' percussive sound), percussion volume, percussion decay knob, key click knob, tone control knobs (bass and treble), tuning knob, three presets (jazz, octaves, full organ), rotary speaker emulator button (imitates the Leslie sound), slow-fast button for rotary speaker, effects send and return, rotary speaker control jack (slow-fast), high level output for a PA system, and low level output jack for plugging into a guitar amplifier.

It absolutely slaps, and is still the preferred choice of clonewheel organ for many organ players today.

This is the 100v version so you'll need a step down if you're from Aus. Its a little rough cosmetically in areas, as it was definitely not a studio instrument (see photos). It's been thoroughly tested, all buttons work, all keys and draw bars work. It is also missing the knob for the tuning pot.

If you need a dedicated clonewheel gigging workhouse, this is your board.

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