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Vic Rhodes

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1973 MKI Stage 73

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1973 MKI Stage 73

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This is an incredibly well preserved example of a 1973 MKI. The condition is astonishing. All pickups working, absolutely no signs of corrosion on tines or tone bars. Includes wooden lid, but no legs, cross bars or sustain pedal.

I have not yet started restoration work on this one, but it will get the works. I am considering tolexing in seafoam green with a white lid and wooden cheek blocks. Stay tuned. I may even keep it for myself to be honest.

I am taking expressions of interest at this point, so please reach out if you have any questions. I will update this listing as the restoration progresses. Price is yet to be determined.

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