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Vic Rhodes

1979 MKI Rhodes 73 Stage

1979 MKI Rhodes 73 Stage

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*Coming soon* we are currently working on the restoration and regulation of a 1979 MK1 stage piano. The action is in excellent condition, with a full service including rebushing, key dip, key height, key spacing & pin lubrication.

The back rail felt has been replaced, along with the pedestal felt and the front rail felts. There is no warping of the keys and the key tops are in excellent condition, with only one showing a little sign of wear and scuffing.

All damper felts have been replaced, damper arms adjusted, bridle strap condition has also been reviewed and adjusted.

It has been stretch tuned and voiced quite bright, with lots of bark and over tone. 

It does not have the original legs, but does come with the original damper pedal and rod.

For further information don't hesitate to email us.

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