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Vic Rhodes

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1976 MKI Stage 73

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1976 MKI Stage 73

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<<Pre-Restoration Photos>>

All pickups in working condition, tone bars showing signs of oxidisation (might replace the whole set), keys in good condition (no cracks, breaks or damage on the key-tops), bushing still in good condition. Haven't yet determined if the tines are a mix of Torrington, Singer and Schaller tines, which is very common for this year.

Does not include legs, cross bars or sustain pedal. Will try and source some replacements, which will be reflected in the final price. It does include the wooden lid however.

Tines showing surface levels of corrosion, nothing major, which will be corrected.

The piano will go through an entire restoration process including the following:

  • Action setup (Includes bump mod, key height, key dip, squaring, spacing and pin lubrication) - '76 models had the felt on the hammer cams and they will have to be removed.
  • Hammer tips replaced with new Rhodes tips
  • Damper arms replaced with new Rhodes Damper arms
  • Damper felts replaced with new Rhodes Felts
  • New set of screws, grommets, washers and springs
  • Electronics serviced
  • Re-tolex (Colour yet to be determined. Harp cover may be changed to match tolex colour also)
  • New hardware (Including handles, corners, bumper glides etc)
  • New Badges
  • Escapement, strike-line, voicing and tuning all set

I am taking expressions of interest at this point, so please reach out if you have any questions. I will update this listing as the restoration progresses. Price is yet to be determined.

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