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Vic Rhodes

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1983 MKII Suitcase 73

<< Pre-Restoration Listing >> 1983 MKII Suitcase 73

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<<Pre-Restoration Photos - More to come>>

This MKII is currently in the process of being restored. 

The piano base has been stripped and tolexed in white. it has also had a total flat top conversion with a scratch built flat top lid (copper shielded). The cabinet has also had a total retolex and has been re-grilled. The front baffle has also been totally rebuilt. It has also been fitted with new shiny hardware corners, handles, logos, hinges, T-nuts, felt, screws, bumper glides. Name rail electronics & amp all serviced and working well. Essentially the works.

All action parts removed and cleaned, including the case itself. Any stripped or worn out washers & screws have been replaced with new stainless steel parts. Back felt has been replaced, key-dip set to 3/8 (plus a 1/32"), key height set to 5/8" above the key-slip. Keys individually cleaned and levelled. Plastic key pins lubricated. Key pedestal felt was very worn out, which has also been replaced.

All tone bar screws, grommets, washers and springs replaced. 7 Pickups replaced with brand new parts. All tines cleaned, polished and cleared of any minor surface rust. All pickup poles cleaned of any surface level corrosion. Full set of brand new tuning springs added to the tines. Escapement, strike line, voicing and tuning still to come.

Full set of damper felts replaced. Full set of graduated hammer tips replaced. Harp support brackets have been modified with a middle space to ensure no unwanted tine vibrations against them.

I am taking expressions of interest at this point, so please reach out if you have any questions. I will update this listing as the restoration progresses.

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