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Vic Rhodes



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Carefully selected along with Rhodes' new grommets to bring out the optimum tonal response in any Rhodes or Fender Rhodes piano, Rhodes Official tone bar springs facilitate the quick snap-back of every tonebar assembly in your piano, ensuring that after every single key strike, the tonebar/tine assembly returns to its optimum height ready for the next hammer strike.

These springs also utilise a special coating in 3 colours to ensure optimum grounding with the silver grounding tape on every Rhodes or Fender Rhodes piano.

The Tonebar Spring Kit includes:
8-32 Black
33-64 Gold
65-80 Silver/Gold (Silver on the front screw nearest the keyboard, Gold on the rear).

Note: Please follow the above layout for correct placement in your piano (where on a 73-note piano note 1 is labelled no. 8). Suitable for all Rhodes and Fender Rhodes pianos.

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